Our mission is gift to you a white smile whithout risk for your teeth's health.

Our secret?





The whitener acts as an oxidant in the chemical bonds of chromatophores which are the cells responsible for the color of the teeth. The breaking of double bonds reduces the absorption of light by your teeth; hence enamel becomes definitely whiter.
The effect of the InSmile whitener gel becomes more effective with the warmth and the light of LED lamp.


  • One syringe 10ml
  • Spray 4,5 ml of pretreatment InSmile
  • Three sponges to mouthwash
  • One mouth tray
  • One napkin


InLumina is a patent pending tooth whitening system technologically revolutionary.
The bite weights only 6 grams and it allows you to whiten your teeth at home, at your ease, while you’re doing your housework. Simply position the bite on your teeth, close your mouth and wait for 15 minutes.
More than 20 treatments in a single Kit. Read carefully the directions before using.

kit contains

  • One 50 ml tube of whitening gel
  • One InLumina mouth tray
  • One 15 ml spray bottle for pretreatment
  • One pre-treatment sponge

uv power

The InSmile Uv Power Kit has been deviced to whiten yuor teeth while your are getting tanned.His power is activated by tanning lamp or sunrays. A kit allows 10 treatments.

kit contains

  • One whitening gel tube of 30 ml
  • One mouth tray
  • A preatreatment tube of 15 ml with sponge tip


Instant Smile, Whiter Teeth from the Very First Use.
The Kit allows you to whiten your teeth from 2 to 9 colour shades in just a single application.
Instant results that you may obtain at home and at your ease.
Follow carefully the directions below to whiten your teeth with a safe and effective cosmetic product.

kit contains

  • One whitening gel tube 30 ml
  • One fluorescent mouth tray
  • One pre-treatment tube with a sponge tip 15 ml

kit after care instant smile

Instant Smile, the tooth treatment to remove stains and whiten your teeth safely thanks to its innovative formula.
Our method is developed in two Steps: Step 1 consists in a thorough dental cleaning; Step 2 consists in tooth whitening.
The active foam texture penetrates into difficult areas to reach, between teeth and along the gum line, ensuring you a perfect result for a whiter and brighter smile.

il kit contiene

  • Mousse detergente 50 ml. Step 1
  • Mousse sbiancante 50 ml. Step 2


A special led lamp devised to whiten your teeth in a single session. Light emitted is a total cold light with a 24,000 mW power and a 505 nm frequency. The operator must simply set the timer for the required time in order to ensure the best treatment result.


  • Light source
  • Feeder
  • Power cable with SHUKO plug and VDE socket
  • Supporting stem for light source

luxury kit

A luxury kit with all you need to dental whitening.

kit contains

  • One glass bottle airless gel 15 ml
  • One glass bottle prtetreatment spray 5 ml
  • One mouth tray
  • One mini led lamp
  • One shade guide
  • Finger wipes

spray extra fresh

1-2 spray vaporization directly into the mouth

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black fusion

Black Fusion is an innovative charcoal whitening toothpaste which protects your tooth enamel, your gums and a fresh breath. Available in 75 ml bottle.

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Why choose InSmile?

  • Risultati evidenti già  dalla prima applicazione
  • Non compromettere la salute di denti e gengive
  • Un sorriso luminoso SENZA problemi di sensibilità
  • Denti bianchissimi SENZA alterazioni dello smalto
  • Bassi costi e facilità  di utilizzo

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