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3 Ways to whiten your teeth at home, at points insmile (shops, pharmacies, hotels, beauty salons) or while you tan!
Cosmetic products that meet your teeth and European standards.


Inlumina is a system of technologically revolutionary and patented dental whitening. A bite of only 6 grams which allows for whitening at home, in comfort while you are doing any home business. It 'simply place the bite on the teeth, close your mouth and let it act for 15 minutes.
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The new kit Insmile UV Power is designed to whiten your teeth while you tan? His power is activated by both the sunlamp that the rays of the sun.
The kit contains pre-treatment InSmile and a bite of a pre-filled whitening gel.
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Kit InSmile

The treatment for teeth whitening insmile enhances the natural luster of your teeth guaranteeing visible results in just 10 minutes WITHOUT damaging the enamel surface. The new gel formula InSmile falls into the category of cosmetics, with release of hydrogen peroxide less than 0.1%. The active bleaching is made from a very low concentration of Sodium Carbonate Peroxide assisted by natural substances which reinforce the effect.

For best results, repeat the steps 3 times:

  1. wearing towel
  2. spray pretreatment on the sponge and clean the teeth with soft friction generating a foam
  3. put about 1.5 ml of gel on each of the two walls of the bite in contact with the outer part of the teeth
  4. put the bite in the mouth making it adhere to the teeth with light finger pressure
  5. wear protective goggles, point the lamp on the bite and cycle.

After the 10 minute preset light turns off automatically. Rinse and clean the bite before repeating the cycle 2 more times.